Simulation Cluster is a parallel simulation environment,Uses existing simulators as simulation engine,Supports all
three major simulators (Incisive/VCS/Questa),A SimCluster master manages Ttime scheduling and signal
propagation,Engines run in lock-step and are delta-cycle accurate
*Powerful analysis helps characterize existing design and simulation runtime data
*Auto-partitioning generates a set of Verilog targets to run 
*SimCluster manager establishes communication channels and controls various simulation engines  
Simulation Analyzer
•Profile existing simulation to better guide partitioner
       >Runs on existing single process simulation
•Analysis data used in pre-partitioning
      >Estimates workload per module based on toggle coverage samples
      >Finds and characterizes clock domains in gate-level designs
          Used for clock-based synchronization during parallel simulation
      >Generates design hierarchy report
•Analysis data used in post-partitioning
•Profiles partition IO’s switching characteristics to better understand process synchronization overhead
Partitioning Strategy
•SimCluster performs coarse-grained static partitioning
      >For a hierarchical design, partition at major block boundaries
      >For a flattened gate-level design, partition based on minimal cut and workload balance
•A partitioner is provided for easier partitioning
      >Supports Verilog RTL/gate and SDF partitioning
      >Generates files needed for running SimCluster
•Compilation time reduces after partitioning because each partition contains only part of the design
•FSDB dumping becomes faster because each partition dumps its own
      >Full fsdb can be merged from different partitions after simulation
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