TimeCraft is Incentia's high-speed, big-capacity, static timing analyzer (STA) for nanometer timing analysis and sign-off. It is the base product of Incentia's complete timing solution offering, including signal integrity (SI) analysis, power analysis (PA), statistical static timing analysis (SSTA), and constraint management (CM). TimeCraft has been the fastest STA available in the market with the following highlighted features.

  • Easy to adopt: compatible usage, SDC, .lib/CCS/ECSM, Tcl based scripting
  • Supports both SDF annotation and SPEF delay calculation flows
  • Proven signoff accuracy and correlation
  • Rich features, including image save & restore, Static IR-drop aware STA, Voltage / 
    temperature scaling, CPF & UPF support, pulsed latch timing analysis, etc.
  • Advanced stage & distance based OCV with rich features for less pessimistic analysis 
  • Advanced multi-thread technology: further 2X to 5X speedup
  • Fast runtime: 2X to 8X faster than other solutions for big designs
  • Slim memory usage enabling analysis for extremely large designs
  • Highly efficient multi-task MMMC allowing for analyzing more corners in much less time
  • Numerous customer tape-outs, including using 40nm process and designs over 50M 


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