Product Overview
DesignCraft is Incentia's complete logic synthesis solution to synthesize and optimize for area, power, timing, and DFT (which requires TestCraft option license). The following are highlighted features. 

  • Patented based technologies for sequential, low power, and DFT synthesis
  • Easy to adopt: compatible usage, Verilog/VHDL, SDC, NLDM .lib / CCS
  • Highly crafted architectures and implementations for data-path & logic operator
    components (e.g. adder, multiplier, and many others) for best constraint optimizations
  • Low power synthesis: clock gating, operator isolation, leakage power optimization,
    power analysis
  • DFT synthesis: scan cell replacement, DFT rule violation checking and fixing, scan
    chaining and stitching, DFT preview & reporting
  • Largest amount of area and power reduction while meeting timing constraints
  • Fast runtime: 5M gates within 2 hours
  • Proven through many customer tape-outs

Note that for DFT synthesis capability, TestCraft license option is required. 


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