We Provide the below Analog IP as shown in the below:


A/D Converters

12Bit, 1Gsps Pipelined ADC in 40nm TSMC CMOS.

12Bit, 1Msps SAR ADC for MCU applications.

12Bit, 400Msps Low Area Pipelined ADC in 40nm TSMC CMOS.

D/A Converters

12Bit, 5Gsps Current Steering DAC in 40nm TSMC CMOS.

10Bit Low Area Current Steering DAC in 40nm CMOS

Audio Converters*

105dB DR Audio ADC

124dB DR Incremental ADC for Seismic Applications

100dB CT-ADC 300uA

93dB CT-ADC 100uA @ 1.1V

105dB Audio DAC

*IPs based on historical design experience

Audio AFE

Audio CODEC with integrated MUX and PGA

Low Dropout Regulators

20mA Wide Range LDO in 40nm CMOS.

RF Front-End

RF Front-End for SDR Applications.

Sensor Front-End

Configurable analog front-end to enable interfacing with multiple sensor types with excellent noise performance


Analog peripheral intensive MCUs with RISC-V, embedded filters and signal processing

Analog Filters

Analog baseband filters for wideband RF receivers and transmitters for 4G/5G radio 


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