Gchar is the industry’s first GPU based cell characterization tool to deliver up to 50x faster speeds for cell characterization, Monte Carlo analysis, and OCV table generation. Gchar delivers unparalleled characterization speed with its built-in GPU based Spice simulator. The default configuration for Gchar supports up to 4 GPUs to deliver up to 50X speed up. More GPUs can also be supported.

Gchar reads in cell Spice netlist and performs analysis to automatically determine functionality. Gchar also automatically generates vectors to simulate all arcs inside a cell. Gchar can also read in existing .lib files as a template for cell re-characterization, or for new library corners.

Gchar can accurately generate cell timing, power, and noise models. It can also generate NLDM timing and power models, and CCS timing and noise models.

Gchar can generate OCV tables through sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. The cells and device models are first analyzed to determine the process sensitivity and the worst case timing arc for each cell. Monte Carlo simulations are performed to determine the de-rate values for each cell.

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